Export Framer CMS Collections as CSV

Backup your content, move content to another database, or copy data between projects easily using this free tool to download a CMS collection from your Framer project as a CSV file.


Add the CMS Exporter to your Framer project

Press this button to copy the component to the clipboard, then paste into a Framer project.


Connect a CMS Collection

Create a CMS Collection List outside of a page and connect the CMS Exporter component to it by dragging the handle on the right side or selecting it from the dropdown list.


Run the project to copy or download as CSV

Press the play button to preview your project, then press the copy or download button to save your CMS collection as a CSV file. Now you can import the CMS collection into another platform such as Google Sheets or Excel, keep a copy saved as a backup, or import it into another Framer project.

Formatted text content fields are saved as HTML. Images are saved as two columns, one for the image URL and another for alt text.